About us


„South Baltic Accademy of Independent Theatre” project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the International Crossborder Cooperation Programme “South Baltic” 2007-2013. The programme assumes a multilateral trans-border cooperation of southern regions of the Baltic Sea, as this is a young  region the cooperation structures are not working well enough. The overall aim of the programme is to improve the balanced development of the South Baltic Region by common actions strengthening the competitiveness and integration of people and institutions. Development of resourcefulness, integration of education and the job market, transport, attractiveness and common identity, managing the environment of the Baltic Sea, renewable sources and energy economy, balanced exploitation of natural and cultural heritage for the regional development and the initiative of the local communities are the priorities of the programme.

The programme promotes bilateral and multilateral cooperation and supports its atypical forms, such as interpersonal contacts, social causes, young people, cultural exchange, etc. it focuses on activities centered around the Baltic Sea, and not on the boarders. It is in favour of regional cooperation and tries to be close to its beneficiaries. It readily supports small but valuable and carefully prepared projects.







The project has been initiated by Sopot Stage Off de BICZ is a  cultural non-profit institution working as an organizational unit of Baltic Artistic Agency BART in Sopot, Poland since October 2003 till December 2012. It came into existence owing to Ewa Ignaczak, and has been given Teatr na Plaży in Łazienki Północne as their headquarters. The promotion of independent theatre was the main aim of Sopot Stage Off de BICZ. As a fringe theatre  it cooperated with many various artists: actors (both practitioners and theoreticians), musicians, singers, dancers, visual artists etc.

The main pillars of our institution were:

Artistic Curator – Ewa Ignaczak – theatrical director, Tri-City cultural life animator of many years, the founder of Sopot Stage Off de BICZ and the fringe theatre Pegasus Stables Theatre (with whom it prepared over thirty plays), and Manager – Ida Bocian – actress, director, specialist in writing cultural projects, cultural events organizer, playwright.

Sopot Stage Off de BICZ did not only deal with creation and presentation of theater, but also with educational work, it’s aim was to educate the next generation of artists: actors, directors, and playwrights. Since the beginning of its existence, the Stage has been involved in many artistic as well as socio-educational projects, the main goal of which were: artistic education and the animation of local communities:

  • Fairytale Sunday – theatrical education of children
  • The Theatre Arrived – theatrical presentation in places, where the theatre typically never reaches
  • Polish Academy of Independent Theatre in Lithuania – three-year-long educational program
  • Theatrical Lessons – theatrical education of youth
  • Zaczyniania Teatralne – international ‘master classes’ meant for actors and directors







The National Musiacal Theatre in Klaipeda (Klaipėdos valstybinis muzikinis teatras) is the Lituanian partner of the project. The institution is the biggest art centre not only in Klaipeda but in Western Lithuania. It has been established on 01 January 1987 after the reorganization of Public Opera in Klaipeda. Since 2010 it is run by Ramunas Kaubrys. Musical dramas and various concerts have been a stable part of the institution’s program. During the 22 years of artistic work the theatre has shown more than 50 plays of various genres and epochs: operas, operettas, musicals, ballets, as well as modern dance plays, theatrical oratorios and plays for children, to be exact.








Riksteatern Blekinges (National Theatre Blekinge) in Kalrskrona is the Swedish partner. It is a popular movement which draws together more than 230 local organizations. It promotes cultural actions, organizes tours during which local theatres present their productions. The association has branches in all regions, which is why it is able to work on the municipal, regional and national level. The organization creates a network connecting, supporting and protecting cultural institutions of the region. It’s main assumption is: to promote cooperation and eliminate the unnecessary competition between the artists; to create a space for creative actions; as well as to work as a catalyst for municipal actions. Owing to Riksteatern Blekinges it is possible to organize as many as 120 – 130 plays in a year.